Die! Die! Die! - Charm. Offensive (LP) - NEW -


Image of Die! Die! Die! - Charm. Offensive (LP) - NEW -

Drenched in the storied history and traditions of post-punk, noise pop, shoegaze, lo-fi, and punk rock, Charm. Offensive. is the sound of a thousand different nights played out in dingy bars, ramshackle DIY venues, and decaying concert halls around the globe. It’s also the sixth full-length album from Die! Die! Die!

Charm. Offensive. features their rousing new single ‘How Soon Is Too Soon (It’s Not Vintage It’s Used),’ a telling reminder of why they’re one of the most enduring and unapologetic bands to emerge out of New Zealand in over a decade. In that time, Die! Die! Die! has racked up a touring history as blurry and battle scarred as the busiest of musical road dogs of their home country. Along the way, in risky pursuit of not so much punk rock dreams, but punk rock memories, they've forged a robust relationship with many of the D.I.Y musical undergrounds scattered throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. Show by show, Die! Die! Die! have focused themselves into a captivating and dependable proposition, and time and time again, set the well-trod circuits they’ve carved out for themselves alight.


1. How Soon Is Too Soon? (It's Not Vintage Its Used)
2. Glacial Pace
3. Bottlecaps And Phones (I Can't See You)
4. Window In My Pocket
5. My Friend Has A Car He Starts With A Hammer (What Has Been Seen Cant Be Unseen)
6. Still Echos
7. S I N I S T E R
8. For Melody
9. DEMON And The Street
10. Caterpillar
11. Bite My Lip
12. Only Thing I Want