ATH-WS550iS Headphones (new)


Image of ATH-WS550iS Headphones (new)

Large 53mm Deep Motion Drivers for outstanding bass reproduction.
Innovative anti-vibration structure for accurate and vibrate bass sound.

• Large diaphragm surface area of the 53mm drivers causes considerable air movement, resulting in an extremely rich, high-fidelity bass sound.
• Top-mounted PCB equalises the air pressure behind the diaphragm for balanced sound with low distortion.
• The Airflow-Bass Venting System's vents are ideally positioned to control movement of air inside the housings, providing excellent air damping for rich bass round.
• Rigid housings feature aluminium stabiliser ring. Its anti-vibration design contributes to the reproduction of clear mid-high frequencies.
• In-line control with mic for handling calls and controlling music & video playback.