Sublime - Stand By Your Van (Live) (LP) -NEW-


Image of Sublime - Stand By Your Van (Live) (LP) -NEW-

Stand by Your Van is a retrospective compilation live album by the band Sublime. Tracks 1 to 11 were recorded live at Kommotion, San Francisco, on the 9th of September, 1994. Track 12 was recorded live at The Tressel Tavern, Everett, WA in November 1994. Tracks 13 and 14 were recorded on the Warped Tour at Asbury Park, NJ in August, 1995. Track 15 was recorded at The Palace, Hollywood in October, 1995. Track 16 was recorded at The House Of Blues, Hollywood in April 1996. Lead singer and guitarist Bradley Nowell died less than two months later on tour.

Track Listing:
Don't Push
Right Back
New Thrash
Let's Go Get Stoned
Greatest Hits
Date Rape
Work That We Do